Why Us

The marketplace is quite complex and often, businesses do not know the right way to deal with these complexities. To remedy that, we at UNIALLIANZE bring you our boutique consulting solutions at affordable value. Using the simple and uniquely devised methodology, we offer business and management consulting, functional consulting and leadership coaching service to take your brand and organization to the next level.

Our Culture

  • Mission

    Our mission is providing affordable and customized solution to our clients. We use corporate grade expertise and collaborate with start-ups, entrepreneurs and SMEs to help them steer their business towards a greater success.

  • Values

    We aspire to become the one of the best boutique consulting and coaching firm in terms of size and satisfied clients. Our client’s testimonials are all we need to prove our authenticity.

  • Philosophy

    We exceed your expectations because we are result oriented, we possess owner's mentality, we are focused on delivery and we endeavour to provide innovative solution.

We Exceed Your Expectations

We are Result Oriented

Our clients and their business goals are our topmost priority. Hence, we ensure that we provide customized business solutions to meet all their goals & milestones.

We Have Owner’s Mentality

We work as owners with you to provide your brand with customized solutions. Therefore, when you partner with us, your business becomes our business. Thus, we will do whatever it takes to help you reach your milestone.

We are on Delivery Focused

We use industry-approved methodology to combine business consulting and leadership coaching for granting your business the best ROI. With our help, all SMEs will conquer new business frontiers.

We Provide Innovative Solution

We do not believe in providing generic services to clients. Each business is unique, so we offer customized services suited to meet the requirements of clients. Using new and improved methods, we push a brand towards success.

We Create the Best Solution Through Unique Mix of:


Small businesses often falter due to the need of proper directionality. We aim to bridge this gap by providing industry grade business consulting services that allow your business to reach greater heights. With us, you can discuss anything, business or life.


Executives tackle the toughest problems. As a result, they need the best guidance. Our one on one executive coaching helps the C-Suite deliver the right decisions at the right time. We offer flexible programs and timings that suit all your needs.


Whether it is in today’s work arena or personal life, the presence of a mentor can be the defining factor between success and failure. We aim to provide the right mentorship that can enable you to do all that you aimed for, and more. Learn about leadership coaching, operational management, IT and more from our designated leaders.


Entrepreneurs have a lot on their plates and sometimes, the lack of business training can mess with their peace of mind. We have skilled leaders to offer insightful business training that can help entrepreneurs channel their business towards success. Additionally, we also deliver life and business advice to help companies attain balance.

We Take Pride in Our Approach


All businesses have their unique complexities. With simplification as our foundation, we eliminate these complexities by simplifying your strategy, operations and business processes.


Achieving excellence is the goal of most businesses. We drive you towards the best-in-class operation. We work with you to implement process improvements that bring efficiency in day to day execution.


The marketplace is increasingly complex. To achieve your vision and goals, you need to be a dominant leader. We work with you to strengthen your inner drive and develop know how to build trust in your team.


Many functions within your business need your attention. We help you achieve more with less. With our guidance, you will be able to prioritize focus areas to get the greatest return.

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